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The purpose of the ICIRR Family Support Network (FSN) is to connect immigrant communities throughout Illinois to a full range of support - social services, legal aid, policy updates, financial assistance, law enforcement - in collaboration with member organizations (Información en español).

Updated 4-17-23

To request one of ICIRR's workshops, trainings, or immigration presentations, please use this Inquiry Form.

Need support? Call our Family Support Hotline

(1-855-435-7693)  English/Spanish/Korean/Polish

Hotline Call Options:

  1. Immigrant Family Support Program (ICIRR's financial support program)

  2. Report ICE activity/Support to locate someone in ICE custody

  3. Connect with an immigration attorney

  4. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

  5. Healthcare resources for immigrants and refugees

  6. Public charge updates

  7. Workplace rights, issues, or safety for immigrants

Southern Border Arrival Assistance in Illinois

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) is working closely with State and City governmental agencies and community partners through the Southern Border Arrivals Program (SBA) to assist southern border arrivals (asylum seekers who have been sent in buses by Texas Governor Abbot) in accessing essential services.


If you are an asylum seeker from the southern border in need of support, or know someone who is, you can call ICIRR’s Family Support Hotline (1-855-435-7693) or 3-1-1.

What to expect when calling 3-1-1 in Chicago:

  • The options will be offered in English

  • Remain on the line to be assisted with housing

  • The asylum seeker’s full name and precise location must be provided

  • Note: It can take up to 3-5 days to find shelter

Other Resources for Asylum Seekers:

Court Watch Volunteer Program

Court Watch is a volunteer program founded in 2007 to observe and bear witness at detained immigrants’ hearings in Chicago. While Illinois passed legislation that banned immigrant detention within our state beginning in 2022, deportation cases are still processed in the Chicago Immigration Court nearly every weekday for immigrants - including Illinois residents - who are jailed in Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and other states.

Can you volunteer a few hours a month to stand with detained immigrants?

Court Watch volunteers attend as many of these hearings as possible (most hearings are

currently conducted online via Webex). We partner with legal organizations and pro bono

attorneys, highlighting problems we observe and cases where unrepresented detainees are in

need of legal help. 

If you'd like to volunteer with us, please email

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