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2020 Election Information

Five Reasons to Vote Yes on Fair Tax! (The First Question on the Ballot!)

1. You Deserve a Tax Cut!

If Fair Tax passes, 97% of Illinois’ residents will get a tax cut! The millionaires should pay their fair share!

See for yourself! Click here to see how much of a tax cut you would get if Fair Tax passes!


2. Your Kids Deserve Well Funded Schools!

Illinois ranks amongst the lowest in the country in state funding for education! That means that communities of color including immigrant communities suffer most. If Fair Tax passes, Illinois will see $3 billion in new revenue. We will fight for an equitable budget to ensure this money goes to our communities


3. Fair Tax Protects Seniors and Small Business Owners!

Illinois doesn’t tax retirement income, and Fair Tax will not change that! In fact, generating $3 billion in new revenue by taxing the richest people in our state helps ensure that we can continue to protect retirement income for years to come! Most small business owners make less than $250,000 a year. Those owners would see more money in their pocket because they are paying less in taxes like most Illinoisans.  


4. Fair Tax Lowers Property Taxes and Controls Rising Rent!

Because our tax system is broken, local governments rely on property taxes to fund schools (see point 2). Property tax increases make it harder for middle and lower income homeowners and renters to stay in their homes. (If property taxes go up, so does rent.) More education funding from the state shifts the burden and enables local governments to reduce property taxes. Plus, the Fair Tax law would increase property taxes credit for couples earning $100,000 or less, or individuals earning $80,000 or less. 


5. During This Pandemic, We Need to Fix Our Broken Tax System Now More Than Ever!

Low-income households now pay almost double what the wealthiest pay in taxes as a share of their income. That’s been wrong for years! But now, COVID has caused record unemployment and has been a huge strain on our safety net. We need Fair Tax reform to help lift the burden off struggling families and we need to fund essential priorities like public health, jobs and other safety nets. $3 billion in new revenue can help make that happen!

2020 Illinois Voting Information

Am I eligible to vote?

To be eligible to vote, you must be a US citizen, at least 18 years old by Election Day, and have been a resident of your current address at least 30 days before Election Day. 


I’m not registered. Is it too late?

NO! Illinois has same-day voter registration! You can register on election day on-site at your polling place, or click here to find info about grace period registration in your jurisdiction. 


Beat the rush! Vote early or drop your mail in ballot off now!

Early voting and drop boxes for mail ballots are open NOW! Use a drop box to avoid mail delays! Find regional early voting sites and hours and drop box locations below:


City of Chicago: Early Voting Location and Drop Boxes in every ward of the city. Find your ward here.

Lake County: Early Voting Locations | Drop Box Locations 

DuPage County: Early Voting and Drop Box Locations

Will County: Early Voting Locations | Drop Box Locations

Kane County: Early Voting Locations | Drop Box Locations

All other locations: Searchable Early Voting Location by Jurisdiction | Searchable Drop Box Location by Jurisdiction or find your local election authority here.

I changed my mind about voting by mail and want to vote in person instead. What should I do?

You can still vote early or on election day. Bring your Vote By Mail ballot with you and turn it in at the early voting or election day polling place to vote regularly.

I never received my mail in ballot or I lost my mail ballot after I received it. What should I do?

Go to your early voting or election day polling place and tell an election judge that you requested but never received your mail ballot or that you lost it. You will have to sign an affidavit in order to vote.

Questions about voting or problems at the polls? Call the Election Protection Hotline

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