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Illinois Immigrant Political Almanac 2016

November 2, 2016


Read the full report here.

The 2016 Illinois Immigrant Political Almanac analyzes the numbers and turnout histories of immigrant voters in Illinois by Congressional and state legislative districts and Chicago wards, and  summarizes the most recent election results in these jurisdictions. 


Among the key findings:

• Illinois is home to an estimated 675,359 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters throughout the state (Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern registered voters who voted no more than once during the last three general elections).
• An estimated 412,847 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters reside in the top six congressional
districts. Each of these six districts have more than 50,000 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters.
• In the 8th, 10th, and 11th Districts, swing districts in the Chicago suburbs, Immigrant Mobilizable Voters make up between 11.6% and 15.1% of total registered voters.

• An estimated 244,376 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters in the top ten Illinois Senate districts; each of these districts have more than 16,900 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters.

• An estimated 242,379 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters live in the 15 top Illinois House districts; each of these fifteen State House Districts have more than 12,000 Immigrant Mobilizable Voters.

The Almanac demonstrates the potential power of immigrant voters to affect key races throughout the state--power that the New Americans Democracy Project seeks to mobilize.  When exercised, this power could determine the prospects for pro-immigrant federal, state, and local policies.

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