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ICIRR Podcasts

In partnership with DePaul University and professor McCray, students developed audio documentaries about "Know Your Rights" information and how the policies created by the current administration affect immigrants. 

Maryam Mackar - A Nation of Immigrants

Ms. Mackar touches on the importance of learning basic learning legal rights, mostly in the current political climate of this country, although, historically this country has been known as a nation of immigrants.

Maryam Mackar - Importance of Knowing Your Rights

Ms. Mackar discusses the consequences of lacking basic rights knowledge with ICIRR's staff members, Luvia Quiñones and Evelyn Venegas.

A Student's Immigration Story

Isabela Famularo reveals the story of Edgar Martinez, an undocumented student who migrated to the United States 10 years ago to seek a better life hoping to achieve his dreams.

What is the Family Support Network?

Isabela Famularo interviews Evelyn Venegas to learn more about her position at ICIRR and how the FSN serves as a resource to the community.

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