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ICYMI: ICIRR and 20+ Partners Launch Illinois Alliance For Welcoming Health Care!

Last week, ICIRR joined over 20 other partners and organizations to officially launch the Illinois Alliance for Welcoming Health Care. The Alliance, founded on the principle that no community should fear accessing health care due to immigration or insurance status, celebrated the launch with an announcement at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, where leaders and community members were also joined by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

At the announcement, community members took turns sharing what the launch of the Alliance means to them, and to their future. Francisco, a leader from Access Living, shared his experience of untreated diabetes and escalating health issues that resulted in a toe amputation. “If I would have been able to access care earlier,” said Francisco, “I would not have lost my toe. But I was afraid to access care.”

Others also spoke on the fear that has been a barrier to healthcare access for communities across Illinois, such as Dr. Minai Giri of the American Academy of Pediatrics Illinois Chapter. Dr. Giri spoke at length about the very real health effects of this fear and anxiety, particularly on children, and applauded the steps the Alliance is taking to mitigate this fear.

One of these steps was the launch of the Alliance’s new Health Care Resource Hotline. Available in 4 languages, anyone in Illinois can now call and seek help finding health care resources by dialing 1-855-435-7693.

For more on the Alliance’s goals and initiatives, and a full list of partners, click here.

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