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STATEMENT: ICIRR Opposes Federal Budget Deal

CHICAGO (February 14, 2019)--Following is a statement from Lawrence Benito, CEO of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), the state’s largest multiethnic immigrant advocacy organization, urging the Illinois Congressional delegation to vote NO on the Trump administration’s proposed budget deal.  


“This deal provides billions of dollars of additional funding for immigration enforcement and in particular for immigration detention.  The restrictions that the deal claims to impose on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will do little to curb the Department’s campaign of terror against immigrant families and asylum seekers.   


“As we push for more humane immigration policies and solutions, we do not want to see another federal government shutdown. We have seen the devastating effects that the previous shutdown wreaked on many government employees living paycheck to paycheck.  The shutdown was a clear example of this administration pitting working families and immigrant communities against each other, and this is unequivocally wrong. We as a country can and should aspire towards dignity and respect for immigrants while also addressing the economic hardships and income inequalities with which all working families struggle every day.  


“ICIRR urges our Congressional delegation to focus on conducting strong oversight of DHS and on enacting legislation that will protect immigrants and keep their families together, including

  • Passing a “clean” DREAM Act and protections for immigrants covered by Temporary Protected Status that do no harm to immigrants who would not qualify for these protections under the law

  • Providing a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented individuals in the US including those with DACA, TPS, and no protections at all

  • Ensuring access to health care, nutritional support, and other basic safety net services for all who need it regardless of their status

  • Ending mass deportation programs such as Secure Communities and 287(g)

  • Ending detention of children and family separation at the border immediately

  • Reducing family immigration visa backlogs and promote humane and timely reunification of immigrant families

  • Improving DHS processing of citizenship and other applications

  • Increasing refugee admissions to this country

  • Increasing number of U visas and protections for crime survivors

  • Removing bars that block asylum claims and other applications for legal status

  • Providing immigrants in immigration proceedings a fair day in court.”


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