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Public Charge - For Providers

With the support of the Illinois Department of Human Services, we have a network of over 40 organizations throughout the state of Illinois available to answer your questions about Public Charge and how that may impact your family. The following map list all the organizations who are Immigrant Family Resource Program Partners and/or Welcoming Centers.

TRAINING REQUESTS: If your organization would like to request a Public Charge training, please use this inquiry form. Due to the amount of requests, please allow for a couple of days to respond.





























For a list of partner organizations who can provide information about public charge and/or public benefits CLICK HERE.

WHO DOES “THE PUBLIC CHARGE TEST” APPLY TO? Review this document to read some specific scenarios where public charge applies.

NOTE: those scenarios are just informational and should NOT be taken as legal advice. For information about specific cases, we recommend you seek legal advice. 

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