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Immigrant Community Resources

These educational resources have been collected from deportation defense workshops, immigrants' rights training sessions, and shared by partner organizations.


The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is affecting our communities. We will share news and resources that help us all in this trying time.


Responding to ICE

Everyone living in the United States, citizen or not, has certain rights. It is up to us to understand these rights and know when and how to exercise them.

Event Toolkit

Community meetings, trainings, and information sessions keep our family, friends, and neighbors prepared. Use these resources to plan your own.

Maintaining Mental Health

Immigrants live with an enormous amount of stress and fear. Share these resources to help maintain our mental and physical health.

Getting Legal Help

You don't have to face the immigration system alone. Tap into the collective strength of our network.

Taking Action

The greatest resource we have are the passionate people working together to defend the rights of immigrants. Join us!

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