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Updated 6-14-24

UPDATE, On September 13, 2023, the federal judge in Texas overseeing the lawsuit challenging DACA ruled that the Biden Administration’s updated federal regulations are unlawful. The DACA case will be appealed to a higher court.

FOR OUR COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Those who have DACA can continue to renew their DACA and work permits and apply for advance parole. However, the Department of Homeland Security is still not processing any new initial DACA applications. This remains unchanged from prior to the September 13 ruling. 


Contact an ICIRR partner organization if you’re ready to renew your DACA:

DACA Resources

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What resources are available during COVID 19?



Resource Guide

Am I Eligible for the Stimulus Package (CARES Act)?



Stimulus Package (CARES Act)

I have DACA, can I apply for Unemployment?



Unemployment Insurance

ICIRR DACA Renewal Scholarship

UPDATE, June 14, 2024: DACA scholarship applications are currently closed. Pending approval of funding, ICIRR hopes to re-open DACA renewal scholarships later this summer. Contact an NAI partner organization for more information.

To qualify for the DACA Renewal Scholarship, applicants:

  • Need to be eligible to renew their DACA application

  • Must submit their renewal application through an ICIRR partner organization 

  • Must have an annual household income that is under 100% of the Area Median Income; a household making above the amount listed based on household size will not be eligible for the Scholarship

  • Need to submit proof of income to be considered for the Scholarship

Scholarships are subject to availability and are on a first-come first served basis.

Income Limit.png

To check your eligibility, contact one of our partner organizations today. 

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