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Open letter to Illinois' Congressional Delegation to Stand Firm and Oppose Exchanging Wall Funding for DACA and TPS Protections

ICIRR and over 60 other organizations and labor unions signed on to the following open letter to Illinois' Congressional Delegation calling for them to stand firm and oppose exchanging wall funding for DACA and TPS protections


To the Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation:


The undersigned organizations represent the immigrant communities whom you represent in Congress. Our communities are strong because of families, who came from across the world to seek opportunity and build a life in Illinois. For the last two years, our communities have faced a barrage of attacks under this current Administration.  Like all Americans, our communities are now dealing with the impact of the partial government shutdown, an impasse that the White House created by insisting on funding for a wall on our southern border.


Our organizations and our communities overwhelmingly oppose a border wall--as do the majority of Americans. The White House itself seems to recognize how unpopular its insistence on the wall and the resulting shutdown have proven. Our communities also oppose any deal that would include a border wall even if it includes protections for immigrants benefiting from (and losing protections under) the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These immigrants do not want to benefit from any deal that still leaves at risk of deportation their parents, their neighbors, their classmates, and other members of their communities.  Such a deal would separate still more families, on top of all the families this Administration has already torn apart at the border and elsewhere.


For these reasons, we strongly reject calls by organizations like the American Business Immigration Coalition urging Congress to accept a deal exchanging wall funding for DACA and TPS protections . ABIC and others who would accept such a deal do not represent our communities, do not speak for our communities, and have no accountability to our communities. Furthermore, the November election results show that ABIC is out of step with a majority of American voters and in particular our vulnerable immigrant communities, many of whom were mobilized to vote by the undersigned organizations. ABIC’s position merely caves in to the White House’s political blackmail, providing cover for it to score a political win to placate its white nationalist base while sustaining its attacks on immigrant families. No win for Trump can be a win for immigrants.


We urge you, as our elected representatives in Congress, to listen to the people and communities you represent, the immigrants and their families and neighbors who are directly affected by our federal immigration policies, and the organizations that serve them and to which they are accountable.  We remind you that you are accountable to us, your residents, and not to those who are willing to do harm to vulnerable community members. Finally, we urge you to reject any deal involving this Administration’s proposal for a wasteful and ineffectual border wall

and to instead insist on real solutions for the 11 million people who are undocumented due to our failed immigration system and for our entire nation.


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Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment

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Arab American Family Services

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Centro Romero

Champaign-Urbana Immigration Forum

Chicago Community and Workers' Rights

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Confederacion de Migrantes Guanajuatenses en Estados Unidos

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Planned Parenthood of Illinois

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Quad Cities Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees


SEIU Healthcare

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Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter

South-East Asia Center

Southwest Suburban Immigrant Project

Spanish Community Center

United African Organization

United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations (UCCRO)

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