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ICIRR Statement regarding Governor Pritzker's Proposed FY 2025 Budget

The budget is a moral document that reflects our values and priorities as a state. Every year advocates demand funding that goes towards essential programs and immediate relief for families across Illinois.

The FY25 budget proposed by Governor Pritzker is another step towards living up to those values. By investing in immigrant services and programs to prevent homelessness, establishing a child tax credit, and taking steps towards eliminating medical debt, the Governor has introduced or expanded upon many community-driven priorities.

While this budget is a good starting point, permanent new revenue streams are essential to expand necessary healthcare and tax relief programs so Illinois can fully live up to its goal of becoming the best state to raise a family.

ICIRR members, along with our partners Economic Security Project, Healthy Illinois, and IL Fund Our Futures will continue pushing for new revenue that will fund the essential programs that our families need to thrive. Between now and the time the budget is signed later this session, we will be meeting with legislators and organizing with our community leaders to ensure that this year’s budget is rooted in the shared values held by both our elected officials and community members.

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