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2020 Census: One month away!

One month from now (between March 12 and March 20), letters and forms from the Census Bureau will start arriving in your mailbox. The 2020 Census is a moment for our growing power to be seen and heard, and this is our time to participate! But sometimes Census materials can be confusing for immigrant communities, especially for our neighbors and family members who don’t speak English.

One way to be prepared for the 2020 Census is to know what pieces of mail are coming to your neighborhoods. So, what exactly should we be expecting here in Illinois?

1. Invitation to participate

Starting in mid-March, the Census Bureau will be mailing a letter with instructions on how to fill out the 2020 Census. The invitation with instructions on how to participate will be sent to 80% of households, so most likely you will receive this letter. Here’s what the letter will look like:

You can also view the letter as a PDF here (via US Census Bureau)

NOTE: The 2020 Census URL will be released at a later date. On this sample invitation, that area is left blank.

2. Paper form + invitation

Some households (about 20% nationwide) will receive a paper form in the mail, along with the invitation. This will include the option to fill out the form online, but it will also include a full paper form. Households that receive this are in areas with a higher population of people