Immigrant and Refugee Leaders Reaffirm Dignity of TPS Recipients and All Communities of Color Amid Racist White House Comments

January 12, 2018
Sophie Vodvarka
Communications Coordinator
(773) 294-4909

On the eve of Martin Luther King weekend, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) condemns the recent comments by the White House denigrating residents of countries for which federal Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is being dismantled, including Haiti, El Salvador and certain countries in Africa. ICIRR calls on Congress to stand up for immigrant and refugee communities, including communities of color who have been subject to inhumane, racist comments by the White House time and time again, and to pass legislation to provide a pathway to citizenship for TPS holders and DACA recipients who are losing their status.

“Dismissing people from countries whose populations who are not white as ‘not welcome’ is racist,” said Nancy Asifiri-Otchere, Program Director at United African Organization, a member organization of ICIRR. “Yesterday’s remarks from the White House do not represent American values and disrespects the humanity of millions of people. We are disgusted by the president’s plan to use undocumented young people as bargaining chips to scrap current legal family-based immigration and the diversity visa program. These are some of the limited programs that allow Africans to make the US a new home."

As negotiations continue in Washington on the DREAM Act and the fate of TPS holder, ICIRR reaffirms our message to Congress: pass a bill that helps all immigrant families--a CLEAN DREAM Act and a strong TPS fix that will not come at the expense of other immigrant parents and communities.

Join us next week as we rally for a clean DREAM Act & protections for TPS Families at Daley Plaza! Learn more here!