ICIRR Joins Muslim and Arab-Led Groups to Protest latest Iteration of Muslim Ban

October 18, 2017
Sophie Vodvarka
Communications Coordinator
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(10/24/2017): UPDATE

ICIRR and its partners from the Campaign For A Welcoming Illinois have begun advocating for SR 582, which takes a strong stance against any registry program that would single out any group of Americans based on their national origin or religion. Read the fact sheet for SR 582 here.

Original article:

Today ICIRR gathered with coalition members including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), Asian Americans Advancing Justice I Chicago, Syrian Community Network, Arab American Family Services, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Arab American Action Network, the Jewish Council for Urban Affairs, Jewish Voices for Peace Chicago - along with other community partners - at a rally and press conference on October 18th, at O'Hare International Airport to protest the newest iteration of Trump's Muslim Ban which was set to go into effect today, but was rightfully struck down by US District Judge Derrik K Watson of Hawaii earlier this week. 

The newest Muslim Ban, originally signed on September 25th, 2017, extended and made indefinite the blanket ban on 8 countries, all of which -- with the exception of Venezuela and North Korea -- are Muslim-majority countries. 

Fred Tsao, senior policy counsel of ICIRR spoke on behalf of the coalition: 

"We are proud to stand with our Muslim and refugee allies today against the newest travel ban. Bans like this are wrong on so many levels. They are unwise, as they deny our country the talent, work, energy, care, and spending power that immigrants and travelers bring.  And they are lazy, because they categorize people by their country of origin, and more basically, their religion, rather than their individual circumstance.

Because they are lazy they are also unconstitutional: as now, two federal judges have held that, this ban, like those before, sweep too broadly and categorically. In addition, bans like these are Un-American. They turn our back on our country's long history of welcoming immigrants, refugees, and travelers from every country.

We are better than this as a country, and we will continue to fight any attempt to degrade our country by imposing these unwise, unconstitutional and un-American policies."