Muslim Action Day Call for Action: Pass the TRUST Act, #RiseUp for May Day!

April 28, 2017
Sophie Vodvarka
Communications Coordinator
(773) 294-4909

Since January, the Muslim community and undocumented immigrant communities have come under unprecedented attacks from the federal government. From banning millions of people from entering the United States, to criminalizing immigrants inside the country, the White House’s racism and Islamophobia have terrorized not just those groups targeted, but all of us.

Our response and resistance has been swift and comprehensive, from the rapid-response airport protests in January, to the extensive effort to pass legislation to keep our communities safe.

If nothing else has come from this uncertain time, it is the global response of solidarity, community and love against fear and hatred. It is the tangible action of people who understand that we are all inextricably linked. No-one wants to live in a society dominated by fear.  

So today, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has two asks.  First, we want to urge all elected officials to pass the Illinois TRUST Act.  The TRUST Act will help keep Illinois communities safe by barring local participation in a federal registry based on country of origin or religion, barring local law enforcement from engaging in federal immigration enforcement without a court-issued warrant, making schools and health facilities safer for immigrants, and assisting immigrant crime victims seeking legal protection through the U visa program.

Second, we are asking all people of good will to come out to the May Day March this coming Monday and show your support for immigrants, refugees, workers and all people who have found themselves targets of the current administration. Together, we must resist the racist, Islamophobic policies of the White House and Attorney General’s office.

In the words of  journalist Chris Hedges: “To resist, while there is still time, is not only the highest form of spirituality but the highest form of patriotism.”

We hope to see you Monday, 1:00 at Union Park, where we’ll be marching to pass the TRUST Act, and support our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters! 

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