ICIRR is Proud to Announce the U.S. Naturalization of Program Coordinator Dagmara Avelar

April 7, 2016

ICIRR is Proud to Announce the U.S. Naturalization of Program Coordinator Dagmara Avelar

Dagmara Avelar, who has been an advocate for under-served immigrants and their communities, has finally taken her oath as a naturalized U.S. citizen today.

As a program coordinator at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, she helps to lead the charge in administrative relief, citizenship workshops and workforce development.

 Although a native of Quito, Ecuador, Avelar grew up in Bolingbrook, Ill. She earned a B.A. in Justice Studies with a minor in Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University.

From day one, Avelar has been an advocate for the underserved immigrant communities. As one of the Training and Outreach Coordinators for the Immigrant Integration Programs, she is part of the team responsible for overseeing program implementation, training, outreach and technical support for partner organizations.

She is a very active member of her community and has participated in various community organizing projects such as ICIRR’s DREAM Team (a youth organizing group), the New Americans Democracy Project (civic participation), 

Before joining our program's staff Avelar worked at Instituto Del Progreso Latino as a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representative with a focus on citizenship and DACA.the Campaign to Reform Immigration for America which focused on generating contacts to congress around immigration reform and Family Support Coordinator for ICIRR's FSN hotline in 2011-2012.

“Dagmara is the glue that holds the Programs Department together.  She's one of those rare gems that approach her work just as she does life: with a contagious smile and a dogged determination to give her best at all times,” said Senior Director of Programs Breandán Magee. “She's never faltered in stepping up to the plate when ICIRR and her community needed her and we'd all be lost without her.  Like all of us, she's an organizer at heart and meticulously cultivates vital relationships with our partners. She's also a mentor and leader for the 500 community navigators that she's helped to train and is selfless in her stewardship of our fellows.  If ICIRR had ribbons to give I'd put her first in line.”

In all, Avelar has assisted thousands of individuals in various respects and ICIRR is proud to call her one of our own.

"Congratulations Dagmara on becoming a US citizen today!" said Magee. "I'm so happy that you got to experience the same  joy that the thousands of people who benefited from your work in NAI felt. You did it!"