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Everybody In: Healthcare for All, Economic Security for All, Safety for All

Dear Elected Official:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reveal systemic inequities and we seek to undo the harm from previous administration’s attacks on communities of color and other marginalized identities, ICIRR members are committed to making Illinois the most welcoming state for all. 


We invite you to join ICIRR members across Illinois in fighting for ICIRR’s “Everybody In” 2021 state platform by organizing for a community, state, and country where: 

  • All people have access to healthcare

  • All people live within an economic system that puts people first, setting them up to thrive 

  • All people feel safe and free of racist criminal justice and immigration systems 

Please click here to see our full policy platform, including our legislative priorities for the 2021 ILGA legislative session

By signing this pledge, you are committing to: 

  • Make  public  your  support for the policy proposals and funding priorities listed in the platform

  • Vote yes for these bills should they come up for a vote this session

  • Consult with ICIRR or its members should you have questions about these proposals throughout the legislative session

  • Add your name as a co-sponsor of the bills listed in the platform once they are posted

  • Use your influence to ask your colleagues to support the platform 


Please include your information in the form below. We will make these commitments public throughout our advocacy days during the 2021 legislative session.

If you have questions, please contact ICIRR’s senior policy counsel Fred Tsao at


Thank you for your consideration

Thank you for taking the Everybody In Pledge!

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