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What to Bring to a Citizenship Workshop

If you’re ready to apply, when you come to the WORKSHOP or the appointment, bring with you:

  1. Your alien card AND Social Security card AND your driver's license (or, if you don’t have a license, your state ID)

  2. Dates of all travels outside U.S. since permanent residence

  3. A list of all of your addresses for the past 5 years AND of all of your employers, dates and locations for the past 5 years

  4. If currently married, your spouse’s name AND date of birth AND social security number AND alien number (if applicable) AND date of naturalization (if applicable)

  5. If you were previously married, the date of the marriage to your ex-spouse AND the date the marriage ended (documents of termination of marriage).

  6. If your current spouse was previously married to someone else, the dates of the marriage (beginning and end) to his/her ex-spouse(documents of termination of marriage).

  7. Your last 3 years of taxes with W2s/1099 (entire tax form)

  8. If you have children – their names AND their addresses (if not living with you) AND their dates of birth AND their alien numbers

  9. If you have ever been arrested – reason for arrest AND date AND place it happened AND outcome/disposition

  10. Males: your Selective Service number and registration date – if you don’t know, call (847) 688-6888 or go to

  11. Money order for $725 payable to USCIS. Be aware that if you’re 75 or older the money order is  $640.

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