2018 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Get informed for the March 20th Primary Elections!

All Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidates were asked to respond to a questionnaire developed by ICIRR membership covering topics such as the state budget, racial equity, the Trust Act, the criminal justice system, sexual harassment, school funding, living wage, women's rights, LGBTQ rights and more. 
ICIRR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and does not endorse any candidates. All active candidates in the Attorney General and Governor's race were asked to submit responses to the ICIRR questionnaire. The answers are published here as they were received. Additional translations will be published as they become available. 
Gubernatorial Candidates 
Bob Daiber  English Spanish
Bruce Rauner (no response received)
Chris Kennedy English | Spanish 
Daniel Biss  English Spanish
JB Pritzker  English | Spanish 
Jeanne Ives (no response received) 
Robert Marshall English | Spanish
Tio Hardiman (no response received) 

Attorney General Candidates 
Aaron Goldstein English | Spanish
Erika Harold (no response received) 
Gary Grasso (no response received) 
Jesse Ruiz English | Spanish
Kwame Raoul English | Spanish 
Nancy Rotering English | Spanish
Pat Quinn English | Spanish 
Renato Mariotti EnglishSpanish
Scott Drury  English | Spanish
Sharon Fairley English | Spanish