VICTORY: Governor Rauner will sign the Illinois TRUST Act on August 28!

August 23, 2017
Sophie Vodvarka
Communications Coordinator
(773) 294-4909

Following an eight-month statewide, community-led grassroots effort, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced that he will sign the Illinois TRUST Act (SB-31) on August 28th, enacting the nation’s strongest state-level due process protections against deportation for immigrants.

The bill was crafted and championed by the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois, a broad coalition of community, labor and policy organizations largely led by immigrant community members. The TRUST Act received bipartisan support in May when it passed the General Assembly.

The Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois engaged over 85 organizations and 14,000 individuals throughout the state in education and advocacy events from trips to Springfield, rallies, press conferences, meetings with elected officials and more, throughout the past eight months to advocate for the TRUST Act.

“I am so proud of my community working tirelessly to pass the TRUST Act. This is the most important protection that we need right now, and will allow me and my family to have peace of mind,” Maribel Caldera, a community leader at P.A.S.O-West Suburban Action Project, a member organization of Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois.

The TRUST Act restricts local law enforcement from collaborating with federal immigration enforcement agents to detain anyone without a judicial warrant. This will provide an unprecedented level of protection for Illinois’ half-million undocumented residents who could otherwise enter the deportation pipeline through any simple interaction with police including a traffic violation. One the TRUST Act is enacted, Illinois will be the gold standard for statewide protections against deportation.

"The TRUST Act will ensure that those who live in this state of limbo can have one certainty. When their lives and their families are in danger, they can turn to the police without their world being taken away from them,” Serafina Ha, a community leader from HANA Center, a member organization of the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois.

“This victory was driven by a diverse coalition of grassroots leaders from throughout Illinois,” said State Representative Emanuel "Chris" Welch (D-Maywood) , one of the chief co-sponsors of the bill. “I’d like to thank the members of the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois for their leadership on this important issue, and my colleagues in the state house and senate for listening to needs and vision of the community to bring Illinois one giant step forward to being the most welcoming state in the country. The governor is doing the right thing by signing this important bill,” he said.  

“This groundbreaking legislation makes Illinois a national model for statewide pro-immigration policy at a time when protections are needed more than ever” State Representative Lisa Hernandez (D-Cicero), another chief co-sponsor of the bill stated.

Governor Rauner will sign the bill on Monday, August 28th.