Families Mobilize to DC to Call on President Obama for Immediate Administrative Action

August 2, 2014

Families Mobilize to DC to Call on President Obama for Immediate Administrative Action

Families participate in #Not1More Campaign urge expansion of DACA, end to S-Comm, and a halt to deportations

CHICAGO – Last night, 3 buses departed from Pilsen to DC to call on President Obama for immediate and bold administrative relief.  Families affected by deportation, community and faith leaders from Undocumented Illinois, West Suburban Action Project (P.A.S.O), Southwest Suburban Immigrant Project (SSIP), the Resurrection Project (TRP), and Centro de Trabajadores Unidos were part of the group traveling. 

The group will participate in a #Not1More march in DC today, August 2 organized by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON).  After a week of activities to push the President to expand deferred action to the fullest extent under the law and halt deportations, a community march will be held from the National Mall to the White House where groups will rally. 

 “As woman of faith and a Missionary Sister, I have seen and felt the pain of my migrant brothers and sisters who are being deported. Today we march to Washington DC to ask President Obama to stop the deportations and put an end to the inhumane suffering and separation of families by expanding administrative relief to adults," said Sister Noemia Silva, faith leader with P.A.S.O.

Young leaders from various organizations also headed to DC.  Among them was, nine-year-old Liz Marquez who said, “I am going to Washington DC to stop my Dad’s deportation and to fight for the thousands of children who are also suffering because of deportations. I am taking this message to DC: President Obama listen to me very carefully and do not ignore me: You have the power to keep our families together and stop deportations. I ask you to have the courage and act. My family and many others depend on it"

The President has said that he will review the broken immigration policies of his Administration and take action to keep our families together. But after months of delay, families continue to be torn apart while the President and Congress wait for each other to make the first move.

“I went to President Obama’s house last week in Chicago, and now I’m going to his house in DC to ensure that he hears our message loud and clear – now more than ever we need you to take bold action and give our families relief from deportations,” said Chewey Serna of South Suburban Immigration Project.  

As the broken immigration system is magnified by the tens of thousands of child refugees fleeing violence in their home countries, 1100 people continue to be deported each day. Hundreds of thousands of children have been orphaned by deportation.  The President needs to act swiftly and boldly if Congress will not and enact administrative relief by the end of the summer.