Stop Prison Privatization - CCA Go Away

April 23, 2012

Today, political, religious and community leaders joined together to tell Corrections Corporation of America that they are not welcome in Illinois.

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s most notorious builder and operator of private prisons, has targeted the south suburban village of Crete as the site of a new detention facility to house as many as 788 federal immigration detainees. Private prison companies like CCA take in billions of dollars while scrimping on care for detainees and working conditions for staff. Just last year, CCA settled a lawsuit alleging that at one Idaho prison it ran a “gladiator school” using “Hunger Games”-like violence to control inmates.

Today's press conference also marked the supreme court hearing on Arizona's infamous SB 1070 this week. Through its association with the American Legislative Exchange Committee (ALEC), CCA was instrumental in developing Arizona’s cruel immigration law, SB1070.

CCA's disturbing human rights record and support of racial profiling legislation to increase its own profit margin paints a portrait of a company that we do not want doing "business" in Illinois.

For months Crete residents have been working to stop CCA from putting an immigrant prison in their backyard, packing government hearings and speaking out in the media to make sure their voices are not drowned out by CCA corporate dollars.

“We know that CCA has already hired consultants to try to meet with local officials and residents behind closed doors,” said Crete leader Jill Hornick. “CCA needs to deal with the community openly and publicly. The people of Crete do not want this facility, and we will make our voices heard.”

Illinois has already stopped CCA and other companies from operating prisons and now we need to close the loophole on immigrant detention centers. Senator Antonio Munoz and Representative Edward Acevedo have introduced legislation (SB1064) that would close the loophole and stop the building or proposed Crete Detention center and other future private detention centers in Illinois. SB1064 passed out of the Senate on a bipartisan 34-17 vote and is not in committee waiting a vote in the Illinois House.

Tell your State Representative to vote yes on SB1064 - stand up for the people Crete and close the CCA loophole.