Uniting America will be on CAN TV

April 16, 2012
Mary Claire Schmit Uniting America AmeriCorps Fellow

About two weeks ago Monika and I met with Omari, the nonprofit services coordinator for Chicago Access Network Television, to discuss different ways to partner with CAN-TV as a way to spread the word about Uniting America and the different ways that people can become involved in their communities. CAN-TV affords a lot of unique opportunities for Chicago residents and nonprofits to reach the larger masses in the Chicagoland area. They work to ensure that every Chicagoan has a voice on cable television by providing video training, equipment, facilities and channel time. 

Omari was incredibly helpful. When Monika and I arrived at the station, he immediately made us feel at home by giving us a tour of the entire station. CAN does a lot of great work trying to connect Chicago residents with events and services offered in the community; they even feature information about ICIRR on one of their channels for those looking for immigration related information and services.   I am very excited for the potential that this amazing platform offers. Not only is it a great way to reach different groups of people and educate them about what is happening in their area, it is also a great opportunity to learn how to run our own show, get creative and find different mediums to engage people.