Mural: A Potential Artist

April 18, 2012
Sara Hamdan Uniting America AmeriCorps Volunteer

On Wednesday evening, Militza and I had the pleasure of meeting with Rachel Weaver Rivera, a local artist we are considering bringing onboard to help coordinate our art project. Rachel works throughout the Chicagoland area teaching kids how to express their creativity using everyday objects and hosting professional development workshops for teachers. We met at her LaGrange studio, Imagine Art Studio, where we were able to see some of her wonderful projects. The space was the perfect location to get inspired!  

Rachel was able to bring so much to the table. Not only has she had plenty of experience with murals but she got us thinking about the meanings of community and unity. Will the depiction of "unity" be an illustration? Will it involve words? How will we get the community's idea of "unity"? This project is shaping up to be a great opportunity to bring together individuals, families, community leaders, business owners, and others together by allowing them to share an experience and engage in dialogue. Furthermore, Rachel pointed out that a mural is not the only community art project to which we need to limit ourselves. From community gardens, to painting park benches, we should be flexible enough to work with any space, so long as we keep our mission of community unity in mind.

Stay tuned for more developments!