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Do you feel the need to organize your community to get more respect? Then you can help legal permanent residents CONTINUE THE AMERICAN DREAM by helping inform them of the benefits and requirements of citizenship.

Sign up to volunteer with the New Americans Citizenship Initiative! 

We offer opportunities in different areas of the program such as community outreach, preparing citizenship applications, assisting organizations with civic eduation and many others.

How can you help?

- Provide community outreach to spread the word about the importance and advantages of becoming a citizen and encourage people to start the naturalization process.
- Collaborate with us at the citizenship workshops. Assist organizations with citizenship preparation (must be 18 yrs. old to prepare a naturalization application and attend a training to learn how to prepare the application) and civic education, serving as a tutor for people that is preparing for the naturalization test.
- We have more than 40 organizations working on this effort!

There are trainings available to help you learn the naturalization requirements, how to talk to your community and how to tutor an individual for the naturalization test. Refer to the trainings page for upcoming opportunities. Please see our list of Service Providers to find an organization near you!


For questions or further information, contact
Monika Starczuk at (312) 332-7360 ext. 212.