Comparison of Senate Framework and Obama’s Plan for CIR

February 05, 2013
Make the Road New York

Comparison of Senate Framework and Obama Plan for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)

Comparison of Senate Framework and Obama’s Plan for CIR


On January 29, 2013, President Obama announced his vision for comprehensive immigration reform. One day earlier, a bipartisan group of Senators, including Illinois’ own Dick Durbin, announced their framework. Although these plans are very similar, there are some important differences. Their important features and differences are explained in the chart below.

Both plans provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and both promise to reform the legal immigration system to make it easier to bring families together. Right now it can take over 20 years to bring some families together!

Unfortunately, both plans also emphasize even stronger border enforcement than we have now and both would keep the devastating deportation machine running. Despite the fact that these unfair and punitive strategies have failed for decades, both the Senate and the President want to pump even more resources into a system that tears hundreds of thousands of immigrant families apart every year.

These proposals are there to start negotiations. They are also a response to the message that the immigrant community and the country sent in the elections of November 2012. But both schemes have good points and bad points. Now is the time to push for reform that our community wants!


Remember – this is not the law yet!


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